Facebook Ad Client Case Studies

Take a look behind the scenes to see the magic created with Facebook Ads

Challenge: eCommerce – Scaling struggling ecommerce store from £10k months with low ROI to 6 figures and over per month



Research - Before we launched the campaigns we gathered inspiration and look across your niche and see exactly what was working and how their audience was responding to trends.. What's driving the most attention; what language are they using? Are they inspiring or motivating the audience? How are they interacting with their audience? Success leaves clues.


Creative - Often overlooked and a massive mistake. Many advertisers obsess with and put a lot of time into the targeting, but that means NOTHING if you can't stop the scroll with your imagery by capturing the attention and get the clicks if the audience is interested enough in your copy in the first place.

For this particular account, we tested over 20 different images and over 40 different pieces of copy!


Landing pages - A quality landing page can make a HUGE difference to conversions. With this particular client, we made some tweaks to the landing page and this TREBLED the ROI almost overnight


Retargeting – In just 1 week the client return on ad spend was X8.8 (let's round that bad boy up to 9), so for every £1 they spent on ads, they got almost £9 back. The bulk of the return came back from retargeting and to get those results we identified and split the customers by their pre-sale action and served them ads depending on what actions they took.


Ad spend: £6.9k

Revenue: £61k

ROI: 8.8


Scaling ad campaigns for our client involved a solid strategy, testing and making decisions based on the data

Lead Generation ahead of Virtual Event - Ticket Sales


Challenge: To reach a new audience and generate ticket sales to live national event


Solution: The core strategy to get the message out as far and wide as possible. We built this across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn using paid ads and community outreach with a focus on retargeting which touched the audience exactly where they were on the buyer journey. We had the added complexity that this was promoted during Covid-19 and there was a lot of uncertainty.


Content describing the benefits of the event, sharing common values which resonated with the audience, creating excitement by revealing key exhibitors and telling the story of the organisers were shared via blog and video. We collaborated with the sponsors and and speakers to ensure that they shared key pieces of content across their platforms promoting the event and how they were involved.


Facebook and Instagram ads played a huge part in helping the message go further and increasing reach and brand recognition by using video ads and canvass ads and deploying retargeting campaigns to ensure the core client message and presence was going further.


Ad spend: £22k

Revenue: £179k

ROI: 8.1


Automated Facebook Ad Sales Funnel For New Online Course


Challenge: The client wanted to launch a brand new course (low ticket offer) to the market and offer something completely new for their current customer. There was no past data as this had never been done before


Solution:  We ensured that the varying audience persona were created in detail to be able to determine exactly which market to target. Using dynamic creates was key for this campaign as we wanted to test out as many creatives in a short time.


Before main launch the audience was tested by sending traffic to a landing page and at launch the same audience retargeted and appropriate lookalike audiences created a few days after the initial sales started to come in.


New audiences continued to be tested resulting in high ad engagement and a brilliant ROI for a completely new launch


Results shown from the first month sales


Ad spend: £4.8k

Revenue: £17.7k

ROI: 3.6