Want To Launch Profitable Facebook Ads TO Confidently Run & Scale Them Like A Pro...


Without Wasting Your Time And Money Or Losing Your Sanity?



Congratulations! You’ve decided it's time to step up and show up to a bigger audience. You know you have an amazing offer on your hands (of course!) and it’s time to unleash it into the world.


You realise that Facebook ads are one of the best way of reaching your audience; well, it’s one of the biggest platforms on the planet with 2.5bn active billion users after all!


You’re eager and willing to get started, but if you’re completely honest with yourself you sometimes view it as a dark art and don’t 100% “get it”, let alone how to make it work for your own business.



Here’s the cold, hard truth.

Going into Facebook ads with no strategy is indeed the worst strategy ever. You’re literally playing a game where the odds are stacked against you before you’ve even started.


Once and for all, I want to show you how you can win!

Picture This

Once you learn how to create Facebook ads that save you time and, at long last, help you to reach your monetary goals you’ve been daydreaming of, imagine…


Having your very own system which is truly automated;

It's like your very own salesperson working for you around the clock (plus it does not ask for sick pay!)

No more headache and frustration when creating your campaigns.

You know exactly what levers to pull at will to get the results you need.

Ads manager no longer looks intimidating.

Using the boost button as your only strategy is a thing of the past. You’ve uplevelled baby!

You don’t spend days agonising over launching your ads.

Only to panic and switch it off after an hour. You’re in control and know you’re in control and the strategy works for YOU.

You have more eyes on your business than ever before.

This would have taken you months or YEARS if you just relied on organic methods. Plus you’re now reaching a much wider audience outside of your usual circles.

Finally having predictability in your business bringing in a steady income
All at the switch of a button. Goodbye to the days of battling the rollercoaster of "feast and famine" in your business.

“You’ve just made a new sale!” notifications will be the norm

As you watch your sales grow daily as your ideal audience is excited to give you their money.

You’re no longer terrified of spending money on ads.

In fact, you know that investment is actually going to make you MORE money!

It’s time to stop thinking the best you can do it press that boost button

and at the same time crossing your fingers and squeezing your eyes shut, hoping to strike it lucky.






  • Expected to sit through hours of fluff-filled training which takes WEEKS to get to the point…

  • While being bombarded with complicated strategies to make the host feel clever…

  • Being taught success looks like getting “leads” for a couple of cents and totally ignoring what actually matters is customer acquisition…

  • And only being fed a few scraps of outdated overhyped hacks from 2017 just to make you feel like you’ve got something…


    Leaving you frustrated, confused or feeling like there’s still something missing.

Ads Success Vault has been built especially with the proven elements which go into launching successful ad campaigns to sell your courses 24/7


You have a product of course that sold organically. People need it! You’ve got some sparks; you just need to add the accelerator!


After working one to one with several hundred business owners, I realised that the ones who see success time and time again get these things right…




Just like a sniper, they can pick out their audience in a crowd of millions


Hint: “Vanilla” just won’t cut it!


They know when to which button to press to make their campaign fly


THE thing that can make or break your ad. There is a fine line between boring and outlandish (the latter usually makes Facebook mad and gets your ad disapproved)


They recognise the importance of who the MPVs (Most Valuable Players) are and why this should never be ignored


What boost button?? Ain't nobody got time for that!!


The good news is you’ll learn all of this, and MORE!


Low Ticket Online Course


Made £28.6k with £3.7k ad spend during lockdown


Group Program Launch


Made $8.8k with $1.3k ad spend in the first week.

One Time Offer Funnel with Upsell


Made £7k with £440 ad spend


New Launch - Online Course


Made $5.7k with $1.2k ad spend



6 Full step-by-step video modules


Perfect Pixel Positioning


The pixel is the powerhouse that drives your Facebook ad success and helps you to create better audiences, targeting and conversions. We're going to set the stage for success and show you how to install the pixel the right way.


(VALUE $187)


Ideal Client Discovery


Starting from ground zero and have absolutely no clue how to create your ideal audience with ads?

No problem!

Discover my winning strategy on how to build your own unique audience in a few simple steps


(VALUE $187)

Laser Targeted Audiences


Once you’ve created your audiences, go behind the scenes and learn exactly how to position them in ads manager for maximum results.

Never struggle with understanding your money-making audiences again!


(VALUE $187)

Audience Power Combo


Launching Facebook ads is one thing,  but launching campaigns that have the potential to hit maximum potential is POWERFUL!

Learn how to create powerful custom and lookalike audiences


(VALUE $187)

Compelling Creatives & Imagery


Want to know how to create scroll stopping images that resonate with your ideal clients? You can do this even if you’re not a graphic designer.

No excuses!  


(VALUE $187)

Crafting copy that sells


 Stop writing boring ad copy and learn a system to create copy that qualifies your perfect customer and gives them a reason to act right now!


(VALUE $187)

That's not all...



**Plus training video** Easily plan your ideal numbers and ad budget with the Ads Success Calculator BEFORE spending a single penny on campaigns


(VALUE $47)



Know exactly what you need to have in place before, during and beyond for Facebook ads success every single time. Nailed it! 


(VALUE $37)



Your foolproof guide to increasing high-quality traffic which converts


(VALUE $27)



Instantly determine your ideal audience targeting by their interests without hours spent on research and guesswork


(VALUE $47)



A round up of the best tools to make your life easier and level up your Facebook ads


(VALUE $27)



Apple’s announcement of iOS 14.5 is a hot topic of 2021! Includes a masterclass and summary sheet of recommended actions if you’re starting or continuing to use Facebook ads


(VALUE $27)


Total value $1120


Today’s price only $37 **limited**




I stand behind my programs and I guarantee that you'll love it.

There’s no risk involved because if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied within 7 days of purchase just email me and I'll refund your money back.


Hey, I'm Sheryl and I play with traffic for a living...


Online traffic that is!


I'm a Facebook & Instagram strategist, ad agency owner and Facebook Partner. My superpower is influencing hundreds of thousands of people to make shopping decisions online on a daily basis.


Over the past 12 months I've managed over £10M in client ad spend...that's a whole lot of ads!


But just like you, I know first-hand the agony and frustration that comes with online advertising. I’ve been burnt way too many times to count and have a truckload of epic fails, but each time it's taught lessons.


Because it’s something I’m truly passionate about, whether it's speaking on stage or working with my clients, my mission is to make Facebook ads uncomplicated. Because sometimes we just overcomplicate ads way too much.


The point of difference with my service is I always point my clients toward their overall business goals and profit, every strategy implemented is intentionally designed to generate a return. There’s no point in chasing shiny objects!


I don’t just teach ads, I’m deep in the trenches running ads every single day keeping on top of Facebook’s constantly changing platform.



Brands I’ve worked with

The fact that you got this far means that you are interested and curious to know more about Ads Success Vault.


I value your time and our relationship, so I will just get straight to the point.


You've obviously come with questions, and perhaps scepticism. That's normal. I'm here to provide the answers


Whether or not I can 100% help you reach your goals, we don't know yet.


Let's handle those!



You have one or more of these goals, but you aren't hitting them:​


  • Consistent sales of your course from an audience who are aligned and LOVE your offers.

  • Automated systems which nurture complete strangers into paying customers to enable you to work smarter and not be glued to your desk for 14 hours a day.

  • Increased revenue as a result of your positioning as the first choice to provide the solution to your audiences' problem.

  • A business that gives you more time, money and freedom to do the things you love

  • A business that gives you more time, money and freedom to do the things you love


If YES, you should keep reading. But let's make sure that we clear things up...Who is this for?


  • You have a genuine solution that has a need in your market. But you need to get eyes on it

  • You've had enough of trying to figure it all out on your own and you are serious about growing your business.

  • You want to create systems, stability and structure in your business.

  • You want to make an impact with your community and turn browsers into buyers

  • You want marketing to be easy and fun in your business

  • If you're sick and tired of spending hours trawling around groups, relentless posing on social media and doing all the things just to get clients and but you’re ready to try a smarter way to connect with your audience online. Fast!


Then what are you waiting for?

If your answer is still “yes” chances are this is perfect for you!

As savvy business people, we should take up opportunities when they present themselves


Right now, I’m offering this value packed ad launch strategy designed to boost sales for a steal.


But time is of the essence, and I can’t guarantee that this price will last forever...


So, why now?


Right now Facebook ads are still one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get right in front of your audience and eyes on your product and services.


From multi-million dollar businesses to tiny startups, they all recognise it as a way to fast-track their growth


But nothing stays the same forever, and there is no worse feeling than looking back sometime in the future, kicking yourself wishing you started when you had the chance.


So, why are you still watching from the sidelines?


If you let fear and hesitation get in the way that’s a golden opportunity you would have wished you jumped on while spending another day, week, month or year watching others pass you by.


You really have nothing to lose

🥳️ Client Love! 🥳️

I've turned over $500k from selling my course...


Lucy Griffiths - Founder of Lucy Griffiths and creator of Confident on Camera

I managed to sign up TWO new corporate clients at one of the biggest publishing agencies in the world as well as secure a speaking engagement!

The genuine access to Sheryl and not feeling like a dot in a funnel once I had paid my money made all the difference.

Rosalie Audoin

Founder of Dielle UK and Flat Out Social

I have had sales and business coaching previously, but was missing the know how on digital strategies.


This does exactly what it say on the tin, a lot of other programmes I have been on have not delivered on their promises.


During my time I was able to get clarity on who I serve and getting my systems/strategies into place.


I would Absolutely 1000% recommend with out a doubt.

Tiffany Charters

Owner and Coach  at Tiffany Charters - The Ambitious Mum's Coach

I knew signing up was a no-brainer and would help me and my business immensely.


Having Sheryl as the coach and mentor is second to none. Her knowledge of the digital and online space is phenomenal. She will happily share what she knows as she genuinely cares and wants to see you succeed.


There isn't a premium option with extra information that you don’t get here. You can build your business from the ground up with this programme.

Janette Miller

Founder and Owner of Janette D Miller - Personal Stylist & Image Consultant


The biggest moment for me was an "ah-ha" that led to a deep foundational clarity - it held me back and once we uncovered it, I was unstoppable! 

Nothing is left out. All we would need is in the training. I've even recommended her program to a friend!


This is a fully comprehensive program with a trusting and compassionate leader who is committed to seeing her students succeed.

Patty Rose

Founder or PattyRose.com - Creative Business Strategist



Will the Ads Success Vault work for my business?

How will I receive the Ads Success Vault?

What’s the difference between Ads Success Vault and other programs out there?

I'm new to business, is this for me?

Is there a cancellation policy?

If within 7 days of purchase you are not entirely satisfied, you can get your money back. No questions asked

Um...I have more questions...


Total value $1120


Today’s price only $37 **limited**

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